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Producing a detailed, high-quality, 3D molecular animation on a tight budget is almost joke in today’s healthcare market. But we are here to tell you… it is definitely possible. It takes quite a bit of upfront work and challenges our conceptual minds. But the path to a cost efficient proposal is as simple as combing a few visuals and some descriptive text. See example below and click the picture to view the animation:Tutopatch Storyboard

Femur Cross-Section

Needing to showcase a unique technology, the science behind it, the associated manufacturing process, as well as its application in orthopaedics is a challenging task. However, companies don’t post failed projects on their blog so this one was obviously a big success! Click the above picture to view the animation.

With an iterative approach we cut the animation into segments and presented rough video reviews. In conjunction, those video reviews were coupled with various image concepts to present potential creative treatments for the final animation. Sticking to this process allowed us to infuse creativity into each segment, as opposed to being chained to the initially defined scope. Truly a team effort from both sides.


When creating 3D graphics for surgery, using familiar concepts can be one of the best tools for visualization. One example of this is a radiographic image. Since surgeons rely so heavily on x-ray and fluoroscopy during cases, these types of renders can serve as confirmation that tools and/or implants are accurately placed. They can also   

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As a medical multimedia development company, early stage medical device firms offer the ultimate high risk/high reward opportunity. These firms notoriously demand strict deadlines and tights budgets. There is also a true sense of “partnership” when you are tasked with learning a technology, device, and/or application in a short period of time. The expectation is   

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