As a medical multimedia development company, early stage medical device firms offer the ultimate high risk/high reward opportunity. These firms notoriously demand strict deadlines and tights budgets. There is also a true sense of “partnership” when you are tasked with learning a technology, device, and/or application in a short period of time. The expectation is nothing short of becoming an expert.

MMC was recently able to work with an early stage device firm, Cerebrotech Medical Systems, on a full blown branding and capital growth initiative. Cerebrotech has taken a technology developed at UC Berkeley called, “Volumetric Integral Phase-Shift Spectroscopy” and used it to create a noninvasive, continuous monitoring system for early detection of cerebral bleeding and edema.

MMC developed a branding standard of design elements, colors, logos, fonts, etc. to compliment Cerebrotech’s vision. A 3D animation was created to highlight the technology and a 2D animation (animated digital illustrations) was custom built to describe a clinical pathway for use. Finally, an introductory website was compiled to provide a web presence.

3D Animation –

2D Animation –

We are continuing our partnership and collaboration on marketing and educational initiatives and look forward to being part of Cerebrotech’s future success.


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