We love helping to launch new products! Our design and development team recently helped with the marketing launch of K2M’s uniquely shaped Rail 4D™ Technology. We performed 3D animation describing the new technology. It is an alternative to traditional round spinal rods. The special rail design provides enhanced structural rigidity while maintaining a lower-profile than set screw-based systems.

Compared to standard 5.5 mm Cobalt Chrome rods, the 5.5 mm Cobalt Chrome Rail is 210% stronger in flexion-extension and 46% stronger in lateral bending. K2M’s technology complements its existing MESA® Locking and Cricket® Reduction Technologies. Due to the beam-like shape, reducing the Rail Cricket devices inherently results in rotation of the vertebral bodies as they are pulled up to the Rail. The design offers fixation options by helping apply force during axial correction of difficult spinal curvatures, and has potential to reduce undesired intraoperative rod “flattening.” Rail may decrease the need for over-bending the construct, giving more predictability and direct control over sagittal balance. You can read the K2M company press release here.

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  1. Mark Mongie says:

    I took a look at this animation in your portfolio, and it’s really nice work. The rendering quality and lighting is very sharp, and helps improve the clarity of how the device works. It’s a very complicated device to show, and the lighting helps bring the clarity needed to the procedure.

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